Dams and Spillways



1. Lake Michie Dam rehabilitation for the City of Durham over multiple years.

2. Raleigh-Durham International Airport: Storm Water Management Lake Dam project.

3. Lake Roland Dam Engineering and Analysis services for historic Dam stability for the City of Baltimore.

4. Red Hill Dam, Baltimore County: Engineering services to evaluate the Dam stability.

5. Kentland Dams project: Engineering services for the stability evaluation of three existing Dams for Montgomery County, Maryland.

6. Pinopolis Dam project: 80-foot high dam for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston, South Carolina. Project cost $20 million.

7. Design project for a 60-foot high earth/rock fill dam for the Department of Public Works, Cecil County, Maryland. Project cost $ 6.0 million.

8. Tinkers Creek Watershed Management, Prince George’s County, Maryland: Engineering services for three (3) Dam structures. Project cost $ 6.0 million.

9. Hart-Miller Island Dike disposal area project for the stability analysis of and raising the heights of existing dikes for the Maryland Port Authority. Project cost $ 50 million.

10. Huntsmore South project: Stabilization of a 35-foot cut slope in unstable clays for Richmond American Homes, Baltimore, Maryland.

11. Gwynns Fall Flood Control Dike, Baltimore, Maryland: Engineering Services provided.

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