Highways, Bridges, Tunnels



Listing includes projects for: Roadways, Bridges, Tunnels, & Culverts


1. City of Charlotte: Major Roadway intersections and Streets improvement projects including: Providence Road, Wendover Road, Elm Lane, Pineview-Matthews Road, Fairview Road, Sharon Road, and Old Statesville Road.

2. Town of Cary: Wellington Park Subdivision roads.

3. City of Durham:
a) Village of Cornwallis roads.
b) Lumley Road widening and Page Road widening and several Local Roads in the subdivision.
c) Chapel Hill Road improvement (NC-54) at Alta Season Apartment Complex.
d) Oval Park Bike trails and Pedestrians walks.
e) American Tobacco Trail and Bridge over I-40.
f) West Markham Street improvements and Box Culvert rehabilitation.
g) ST-233 Citywide contract for condition survey and rehabilitation of 40-miles long City streets.
h) University Drive Box Culvert and Street improvements.

4. City of Raleigh:
a) New Hope Road extension in North Raleigh.
b) Pleasant Valley Road expansion.
c) New roadways in various subdivisions.

5. Davidson County: Airport paving project.

6. Fayetteville Regional Airport connector road to US-301 Highway.

7. Guilford County Community College Campus Parking deck and surface parking for roughly 600 vehicles.

8. Hickory City Regional Airport roads improvement.

9. Town of Morrisville: Fire lanes and surface parking for over 300 cars at Goels Plaza.

10. Town of Newport: Streets widening and Utilities relocation in downtown Main Street.

11. Research Triangle Park: Roads and Parking Lot reconstruction for EPA and NIEHS Fleet Fuel and Maintenance Facility.

12. North Carolina State University Campus:
a) Doreaux Drive roadway.
b) Pavement rehabilitation at North Residence Hall parking lot.
c) Pavement rehabilitation on several other Residence halls and Parking lots.
d) Gardner Hall ramp improvement.
e) West Dunn Avenue widening.
f) Centennial Biomedical Center new access Road and Parking lot near Veterinarian School.

13. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah Railway tracks rehabilitation due to sinkhole damage at Marine Ocean Terminal at Sunny Point, Southport, North Carolina.

14. U.S. Navy Sandy Run Area Roads and Utilities at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, NC.

15. Wake County Public School System, North Carolina:
a) New access road at Adams Elementary School in Cary.
b) Parking Lot for CNS Facility Building at WCPSS Headquarters, Raleigh.
c) Millbrook High School Parking Lot.
d) West Millbrook Middle School Parking Lot reconstruction.


16. North Carolina Department of Transportation Construction Engineering Projects:
a) Statewide Asphalt Laboratory Facility services over four years.
b) Bryan Boulevard extension to Triad Airport, Greensboro, North Carolina.
c) I-40 widening in Winston Salem, North Carolina.
d) Route 421 widening and realignment in North Wilkesboro, Wilkes County, NC.
e) Bridges in Guilford County, North Carolina.
f) Right-of-Ways in Hertford and Pasquotank Counties, North Carolina.
g) Materials Testing Laboratory Facility in Raleigh, North Carolina.

17. North Carolina Department of Transportation Design Projects:
a) US 29 Bridge over Charlotte Outer Loop, North Carolina.
b) NC 132 bridge design over US 17, North Carolina.
c) Bypass in New Hanover County, North Carolina.
d) Route 18 in Wiles County.
e) Open-ended Services Contract statewide.
f) Two bridges on I-77 in Statesville, North Carolina.
g) Bridges on Rt. 220 in Richmond County, North Carolina.
h) NC -118 Bridge widening on I-85 in Henderson, Vance County (Design-Build project).
i) NC Turnpike Authority: Open-ended Contract for Design services, North Carolina.
j) 27-Bridge Replacement Project in NCDOT Division11 in Alleghany, Ashe, Wilkes, and Avery Counties, North Carolina.
k) Bridges in Yancey County, North Carolina.

18. South Carolina Department of Transportation: Three year on-call contract for Engineering and Construction services.

19. Virginia Department of Transportation CEI Projects:
a) Wetlands and water quality services on Route 58 for new right-of-ways in Patrick, Carroll, and Floyd Counties, Virginia.
b) Interstate I-81 and I-381 in Bristol District, Virginia.
c) Route 58 widening and realignment in Lee County, Virginia.
d) Route 58 widening and realignment project.
e) Route 460 extension and realignment in Farmville, Virginia.
f) Route 7 widening in Northern Virginia District.
g) Route 600 widening and extension in Bristol District, Virginia
h) Staunton District wide Contract in Virginia.
i) Over 50 Bridges in Richmond, Virginia District.
j) Engineering services for I-95/I-66 project in Washington, DC.
k) Route 58 Bridges at Buggs Island, South Hill, Virginia.

20. Virginia Department of Transportation Design Projects:
a) Open ended Engineering services contract statewide in Virginia.
b) Geotechnical investigations on 12 bridges for Rt. 58 bypass, Danville, VA in VDOT Lynchburg District.
c) Route 360 Bridge on Dan River in South Boston, for Lynchburg District VDOT
d) Bridge over N. Fork Clinch River in Scott County, Virginia.
e) Cloverleaf interchange at I-95 and Rt. 627 in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
f) Roadway and Bridge realignment on Rt. 58 in Patrick County E-19, Virginia.
g) Route 288 bypass over James River, Virginia.
h) Route 340 N. Delphin Avenue widening and realignment in Waynesboro, Virginia.
i) Widening of Rt. 58 Roadway in Washington County, Virginia.
j) Dick Cross Wetland and Water quality services, Virginia.
k) Danville Bypass expansion on Rt. 58 and Rt. 29, Lynchburg District office, Virginia.
l) Pavement and Roadway project on Route 58 (6.0 KM) in Lee County, Virginia.
m) Route 16 (E01/E06) expansion in Bristol District, Virginia.
n) Route 58 section E-12 in Bristol District, Virginia.
o) Route 725 in Bristol District, Virginia.
p) Three Bridges on Springfield Bypass in Virginia.
q) Route 130 in Staunton District for VDOT Staunton District office.
r) I-81 interchange with Route 50 in Frederick County, Virginia.
s) On-call 3-years Design services contract in Salem, Bristol, and Richmond Districts.

21. Maryland State Highway Administration Projects:
a) Route 29 Bridge over Patuxent River, Maryland.
b) I-695 Beltline widening in Baltimore, Maryland.
c) Great Seneca Highway in Montgomery County, Maryland.
d) I-83 interchange at Warren Road in Baltimore, Maryland.
e) Dulaney Valley Road Bridge in Maryland.
f) Construction services in Districts 4 and 5, Maryland.
g) CEI services on I-95 and I-295 in Fort Washington, Maryland.

22. Delaware State Department of Transportation: Route 13 Bypass in Dover, DE.

23. Massachusetts State Department of Transportation:
a) Old Colony Railroad intersection in Boston, Massachusetts.
b) Construction services on the Central Artery Tunnel project in Boston, MA.

24. Pennsylvania State Department of Transportation:
a) Ramp “N” LR 1018 District 8, Pennsylvania.
b) Construction services in District 8, Pennsylvania.
c) Philadelphia International Airport: Runway rehabilitation project.

25. United States Federal Highway Projects:
a) Interstate I-295 Baltimore-Washington Parkway: Pavement rehabilitation in 3 mile section.
b) Upgrading of four major roads in Washington D.C.

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