Solid Waste Landfill & Superfund



1. Cherry Island Landfill in Wilmington, Delaware.

2. City of Durham Landfill closure/transition and expansion on 120 acres in Durham, NC.

3. Halifax County Solid Waste Landfill Facility improvement project, North Carolina.

4. Eastern Landfill in Harford County, Maryland.

5. Open burning/Open detonation explosive site for Marine Corps Air Station at New River site in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

6. Carolina Transformer Superfund Project for EPA in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

7. Calvert County, Maryland: Lusky Solid Waste Collection Facility.

8. Durham Solid Waste Handling Facility for the City of Durham, North Carolina.

9. Fly Ash Disposal Landfill Facility, for Hagerstown Correctional Institution, Department of General Services, Maryland.

10. Frederick County, Maryland Landfill project.

11. Hawkins Point Hazardous Waste Facility, Baltimore, Maryland.

12. Hoods Mill Landfill, Carroll County, Maryland.

13. Kellogg-Deering (Superfund Project) at Norwalk, Connecticut.

14. Land Application of sewage sludge, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

15. Land Treatment of Wastewater, Emmitsburg, Maryland.

16. Land Treatment of Wastewater, Prince Frederick County, Maryland.

17. Landfill for Incinerator Residue and Scrabble in Limestone County, West Virginia.

18. Leachate Lagoon Facilities at Quantico, Virginia.

19. Modern Landfill in York, Pennsylvania.

20. Monument Street Landfill in City of Baltimore, Maryland.

21. Oaks Sanitary Landfill, (Superfund Project) in Montgomery County, Maryland for the Department of Environmental Protection.

22. Olin Landfill in Saltville, Virginia.

23. Patuxent Naval Air Station Landfill in Saint Mary’s County, Maryland.

24. Quartine Road Landfill in Baltimore, Maryland.

25. Reichsford Landfill in Frederick, Maryland, for the Frederick County Government.

26. Rubble Landfill in Howard County, Maryland.

27. Saint Andrews Landfill in Maryland.

28. Wildwood Rubble Landfill, Baltimore, Maryland.

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