Transit Facilities: Bus, Rail, & Metro



1. Anacostia Station Number #190.

2. Concord Bus Transfer and Maintenance Facility for the City of Concord in North Carolina.

3. CSX Transportation, Riverside railroad yard, Parking and Maintenance Facility at Baltimore, MD.

4. Durham Area Transit Authority: Bus Maintenance and Office Facility at DATA’s new headquarters on Fay Street in Durham, North Carolina.

5. New Railroad Service between the Cities of Durham, Cary, and Raleigh in North Carolina for Triangle Transit Authority, North Carolina.

6. New Transit Station for Bus and Rail Facility in Downtown Fayetteville, for the City of Fayetteville, North Carolina.
a. Greenbelt Metro Transit Parking Facility.
b. Greenbelt Section E010G.

7. Greyhound Old Bus Terminal Parking and Maintenance Facility at Roanoke, Virginia.

8. Intermodal Transportation and Bus Maintenance Facilities for Greensboro Transit Authority, NC.

9. Intermodal Transportation Center: Transit Station Facilities in the City of Greenville, NC.

10. Old Colony Railroad, Parking and Maintenance Facility at Boston, Massachusetts.

11. Old Historic Pennsylvania Railroad Transit Station renovations for the City of Baltimore, MD.

12. Preliminary studies for the Maintenance Facility for the Triangle Transit Authority in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

13. Railroad Bridge on Route 340 in Waynesboro, Virginia for Virginia Department of Transportation.

14. Railroad repairs for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District for their ammunition route at Marine Ocean Terminal, Sunny Point, North Carolina.
a. Section F006 WMATA.
b. Twin 16-foot diameter tunnels in soft soils at WMATA section E-2c.
c. Washington Metro Aerial Transit Authority: Various sites for New Subway Transit Stations and Parking Facilities in Washington Metropolitan area, including Transit Structure design.

15. Washington National Airport extensions for Transit Facilities, Washington D.C.
a. WMATA Parking Garage Rte. 295.

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