Quality Assurance


A1 Consulting Group management is committed to the corporate Total Quality Management (TQM) program and has a history of strong support for the TQM program. Our established TQM program ensures that all data collected and/or reviewed and all subsequent reports are interpreted and produced by qualified professional personnel certified in appropriate scientific and engineering fields and are in compliance with corporate standards. Further, as a prime consultant, A1 is responsible for establishing the QA/QC standards and requirements by which the program will be implemented and ensuring that those standards and requirements are met by our Subconsultant and Subcontractors.

Upholding the rigid commitment to the highest achievable quality, A1 ensures that deliverables (measurement data, reviews, and evaluations) are of the quality required for its intended use. The objective of A1’s TQM program is to provide a controlled foundation for the development, review, and reporting of technical information. Implementation of this policy establishes the integrity of data and ensures that projects meet the client’s objectives.

Our TQM approach to project management places greater emphasis and rewards on meeting client service requirements and needs than it does on profits at the expense of quality. Our commitment to quality throughout the Company has brought A1 a reputation for excellence. This approach ensures long-term recognition and profits for the Company and continued opportunities for employment and advancement for its employees. Because of our TQM commitment, we have history of NO performance based litigation or claims and over 80% of our business come from repeat clients and referrals.

A table of contents for our Corporate Quality Assurance Plan is attached on the following sheet:


Introduction 1
Purpose of Quality Assurance Manual 2
Quality Assurance Officer 2
Staff Responsibility and Quality Assurance 2
Project Manager 2
Staff and Responsibility 3
Training Requirements 3
Training 3
Laboratory Manager Responsibility 3
New Employee Orientation & Training 4
Staff Work Load 4
Facilities and Equipment 4
Records 5

Design Operations Plan

Project Team 7
Pre-design Planning 7
Quality Control of Design Site / Field Data 8
Management of Design Deliverables 8
Design Phases 8
Computer Aided Drafting and Design 9
Specifications 9
Coordination of Design Efforts 10
Design Review and Verification 10
Project Manager Responsibility 10

Construction Quality Control

Contract Review 11
Document and Data Control 12
Purchasing 12
Control of Customer Supplied Product 13
Product Identification and Trace ability 13
Process Control 13
Control of Nonconforming Product /
Service 13
Corrective and Prevention Action 14
Handling, Storage, Packing, Preservation
and Delivery 14
Control of Quality Records 15
Internal Quality Audits 15

Construction Inspection & Material Testing

Introduction 16
Distribution Control 17
Testing Capabilities 17
Training 17
Sampling 18
Assignment of Tests 19
Calculating, Reporting and Review 20
Procedures for handling complaints 20
Appendix 22