With many years of experience, our staff has a wide range of design experience which includes services for commercial, industrial, and governmental clients. Our staff provides comprehensive design and construction services and can execute every phase of a project from site selection/evaluation to project closeout. We also provide condition surveys on existing buildings.

Civil Engineering plays a vital role in the planning, design, permitting and construction of most projects. The A1 Team has many years of experience in providing Civil / Site engineering services. Through its combined expertise and years of expertise the A1 Team worked on hundreds of site planning and design projects including new design, design review, rehabilitation and/or repairs of existing sites, infrastructures and utilities for: airports and runways, school, college, and university buildings, public works, roadways and highways, water and sewer lines, water and wastewater treatment plants and reservoirs, parks and recreational facilities, public safety buildings, residential neighborhoods and trails, private developments, and many others.

Some of this experience includes:

Planning/Site evaluation: Site selection and evaluation; Due diligence/evaluation reports; Feasibility studies; Zoning/re-zoning assistance and special use; Land planning/master planning; Public hearings & workshops; Funding/Grant applications; Entitlements & Permitting; Cost estimating; Scheduling.

Civil/Site Engineering: Site investigations; Site planning and layout; Earthwork and Grading; Retaining walls; Embankments and Dams; Hydraulics, Storm drainage & Storm water management; Erosion control plans; Pavement assessment and design; Culverts, Retaining walls, Pavements, and other structures; Construction logistics.

Utilities Services & Infrastructure: Water and Sewer lines; Storm drains; Storm water Management; Spill prevention & control; FEMA mapping; Hazard mitigation; Water treatment; Water quality analysis; Solid waste management; Waste minimization & recycling studies.

A1 Consulting Group and its predecessors have successfully completed over five thousand Geotechnical and Geological projects involving design, design review, analysis, evaluations, and investigations. These engineering services have included: subsurface soils/rock survey and investigation for foundation analysis and design recommendations for roadways and highways, buildings, foundations, tunnels and bridges, culverts, dams, pavements and toppings, infrastructures, design of spread footings, mat foundations, pile foundations, caissons, piers and abutments, and drilled shafts, etc. We also routinely provide the following geotechnical and geological services: site suitability evaluation, drilling, sampling, laboratory analysis of samples, rock analysis, scour analysis, soil stabilization, soil-structure interaction, ground improvements, and groundwater modeling.

A1 Consulting Group has a full service Geotechnical engineering and Geological department with complete capabilities to perform subsurface investigations, sample collection and survey, sample evaluations, laboratory analysis, foundation design analysis, geological, geophysical and hydro-geological studies, and preparation of final geotechnical/foundation recommendations. A1 also gets involved in developing and monitoring the construction procedures for shallow footings, site logistics, deep foundations, earthwork, pavement, embankments, retaining walls, slope stability, structural integration, etc.

A1’s team also provides a wide range of Field Instrumentation and Geophysical Testing services.

A1 Consulting Group has the expertise and capabilities to perform a selective range of structural engineering services. These services include, design, design review, condition survey, analysis, and investigations for: buildings, retaining walls, culverts, drainage piping systems, water tanks, and other structure types of varying materials including: steel, masonry, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, and wood. We also perform evaluation, analysis for the rehabilitation and redesign for existing building facilities, culverts and drainage systems, traffic signal and sign structures, elevated and surface water tanks, and other types of structures. We additionally provide these structural engineering services for: foundations (shallow footings and deep foundations), pre-stressed concrete beams and columns, steel framing systems, masonry, timber, composite structures, metal decking, precast and cast-in-place concrete, sign and signal structures, etc. A1 provides its structural engineering services with the utmost attention to safety, correctness of design and code applications, and serviceability and applies a detailed approach to performing the design, analysis, evaluation, or inspection for the particular structure type to ensure the work is performed to the highest quality. The A1 Team also provides special inspections, construction engineering (structural) inspections, structural failure analysis, and expert witness testimony.

A1 Consulting Group has over 27 years in providing Materials Engineering services. These engineering services include design, analysis, evaluations, special inspections and quality control construction materials testing (destructive and non-destructive). The A1 Team has provided these type of services for most construction materials including: Soils and earth works; Aggregate base course; Structural foundation; Building superstructures, Specialty materials; Bituminous asphalt pavements; Concrete foundations and pavements; Reinforced concrete culverts and pipe drainage systems; Welded and bolted steel connections; Cast-in-place concrete (including Elevated and Slab on Grade, Sidewalks, Curb & Gutter, etc.); Steel reinforcement (prior to concrete pour); Temporary Concrete formwork; Concrete and steel cantilevered retaining walls; Masonry Grout placement; Permanent form cold formed steel decking; Roofing materials; Damaged structures inspections and assessments; Structural wood components; Safety and structural integrity in construction; Roadway signage, guardrails, and other traffic accessories.

A1’s Materials Engineers, inspectors, and technicians will work closely with Architects, Geotechnical, Structural, and Civil Engineers to correctly assess site conditions and the applied loading on pavements and structures (in addition to other live and dead loads) to provide the most accurate and informed Materials Engineering expertise.

For infrastructure and development projects of any size for existing and new construction, the environmental condition and impacts encountered during preliminary study cannot be ignored and must be considered during the planning and design stages. Accounting for environmental impacts ahead of time and using foresight to avoid and mitigate issues that may arise in the future will ensure that the contract scope is performed in a timely manner to minimize costs. A1 Consulting Group has extensive expertise in providing Environmental Science and Engineering services and has worked on hundreds of contracts providing such services including: environmental site assessments, environmental impact statements, feasibility studies, environmental protection and management plans, project management, site supervision, health and safety monitoring, quality control, and environmental remedial design, and construction monitoring for air and groundwater quality. The A1 Team has the experience and expertise to provide these types of Environmental Science and Engineering services that include the following:

  • Environmental site assessment for phases – I, II, and III. Environmental impact statements, risk assessment, audits and surveys, Brownfield sites rehabilitation, permitting and regulatory coordination and compliance. Ecological surveys, wetlands identification, delineations, and permitting.
  • Hazardous waste materials sampling and monitoring, asbestos, mold/mildew, lead, and air quality inspections and testing, landfill closures, soil-gas studies, leaking underground storage tank site and closures, contaminated soils and groundwater remediation, industrial emissions.

Depending on the existing and selected locations for the placement of buildings, facilities, roadways, or Infrastructure systems, whether in urban or rural settings and the different past and present uses may make the site locations more susceptible to various types of environmental contamination. Unless past uses of the sites are conclusively known, more in-depth environmental assessments may be necessary to fully determine the environmental condition of the site during the design and planning stages. We routinely provide environmental site assessments, corrective action plans, remedial designs, construction administration, environmental abatement monitoring, and final clearance certification.

Project Management: A1 Consulting Group has provided oversight and management under contracts for numerous development and infrastructure projects. For its clients, A1 provides the following project management services: owner’s representation, constructability reviews, value engineering, site logistics, cost-estimates, prepare bid documents, contractors / subcontractors pre-qualification, pre-bid reviews, bid evaluation, partnering workshops, electronic project diary with complete documentation and photographs, project monitoring, scheduling, submittal reviews, contractors’ pay requests, claims resolutions, As-built and record drawings, punch list, and contract close-out.

Construction Management: The A1 Team members have extensive experience in providing construction management services for projects of varying sizes and scopes. A1 has a long history of providing quality construction supervision services including: special Inspections, quality control and quality assurance inspections, structural inspections, earthwork, bridges, culverts and retaining walls, industrial units, utilities, sediment/erosion control, traffic, pile-driving, painting, structural steel connections, temporary and permanent concrete deck forms, roofing, waterproofing, pre-blasting and post blasting surveys of properties.

Construction Engineering (or Special) Inspections: A1 offers extensive strength from its experience in providing construction engineering (or special) inspections. These inspections are a crucial element to providing proper quality control and assurance for a construction project. The implementation of these inspections during the construction phase of a project will help to ensure work is performed properly and in accordance with State Building Code and contract specifications. The A1 Team has expertise in providing construction engineering and special inspections in the following areas: soils and earth works, foundations, bituminous asphalt pavements, precast concrete elements, and pre-stressed concrete, retaining walls, slab on grade, elevated slabs, structural masonry, structural steel, metal decking & roofing, waterproofing, fire proofing, smoke control, exterior Insulation and finish system (EIFS).

Quality Control Testing: A1 Consulting Group offers over 30 years of expertise in construction testing. Our experience and expertise in testing includes: soils (including, backfill compaction and proof-roll inspection, etc.), cement, concrete, mortar, aggregates, asphalt, masonry, steel (structural framing and welding), waterproofing, fire proofing, paint, and groundwater. It is with this extensive knowledge and experience that the A1 Team provides materials testing for its clients new construction and renovation projects.

Expert Testimony: The A1 Team members have the experience to provide expert testimony and advice for assessments requiring engineering expertise which is an important qualification for large contracts. A1 Team has individuals with expertise in forensic engineering, expert witness, claims resolution, arbitration and settlements.

Today’s global economic climate requires the thoughtful consideration of durability and sustainability of development projects and infrastructure systems to ensure the successful long term low maintenance operations to facilitate the needs for the citizens of a community for generations to come.

From integrated design facilitation through the development of green operations and strategic plans, successful sustainable design is about finding the confluence of ideas, energy and intention that exists within an organization. Part science and part art, we enable clients to establish their sustainable vision, including its goals, processes, and policies. Ultimately, we provide research, consultation and analysis related to sustainable planning, policy, implementation, and long-term operations.

A1 Consulting Group is an advocate of responsible designs. The Firm is dedicated towards incorporating sustainable practices that will improve construction efficiency, conserve materials and resources, recycle existing used materials, safeguard water resources, inhibit erosion and loss of top soil on project locations, and in general to enhance the design process for the benefit of our clients and users. We believe in Long term project savings, life cycle cost factors, best practices, and resource sustainability in every project. Peer reviews are done by Principal Sustainable experts.

For more than 27 years, A1 and its team members have promoted Sustainable design solutions. Through energy efficient and sustainable design, this group has accumulated an extensive track record performing efficiency and sustainability studies for various types of projects.