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  • Environmental Survey of the Dillon Industrial complex in Downtown Raleigh
    A1 Consulting Group provided an Environmental Survey of Dillon Industrial Complex Site.

    A1 Consulting Group, Inc. (Consultant) provided an Environmental investigation of the property located between 200 – 216 South West Street and 511-515 Hargett Street, Raleigh, North Carolina. The property has been in existence for over 100 years with a tremendous history of its past usage. This property is located within a full block surrounded by South West Street on its East, Hargett Street on its South, Railroad tracks on its West, and the City Plaza facing Morgan Street and the newly constructed Union Station, on its North end.

    The building is built into two sections, as defined below:

    • Building-A is a larger portion of two buildings, containing three levels: basement, first floor, and second floor. It is located on the south end of the block, facing West Martin Street. The approximate area of Building-A is 140,000 square feet.
    • Building-B also has three floors: a basement, first floor, and second floor. It has an approximate area of 81,300 square feet.
    • Buildings A and B are primarily constructed with structural steel framing, brick masonry or CMU walls, and concrete floors in the basement and a large portion of the first floor. The partial first floor and most of the second floor have wooden flooring construction. Several floors are badly damaged and not safe to walk on. The city records indicate that the subject parcel was initially developed in 1914 with additional construction of existing buildings built in 1922. A1 conducted a detailed hazardous materials survey and identified areas testing positive for asbestos, lead, PCB, and mercury. The survey also noted environmental issues such as a flooded basement with water about 12-15 inches deep, with a thick film of oily material on the surface of the water.

    The demolition of this old building was in progress during early to middle part of 2023. A new high-rise multipurpose structure is currently under design and construction on the same site. The new building will feature basement parking, first-floor commercial space, and five additional floors of apartments. The design of the new structure will be similar to the existing buildings on the opposite side of South West Street

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