RDU Airport Terminal 2 Expansions

Photo of RDU Terminal 2

A1 Consulting Group has been working with O’Brien Atkins & Associates and 20+ other team members to expand Terminal 2 on the North side as well as South side of the existing structure at three levels to bring in major expansion. Some of the project highlights are:

Southside expansion, approximately 75,600 square feet and Lower and Upper-level curbside expansion additional 200 feet.

Northside expansion, approximately 100,000 square feet and Lower and Upper-Level Curbside Expansion approximately 175 ft.

Renovations to the Existing Terminal Building

The Existing Terminal building areas will also be renovated (Two Levels and Curbside). These will include a Ticketing Hall Level, Utilidor Level, Baggage Claim Level and RDU OPS Level.

Baggage Claim Level-2, will include:

  • Inbound and out bound secondary baggage processing and x-ray area
  • a unified secondary review position
  • Canine Training and management center
  • Custom & Border Protection (CBP) areas including:
    • Locker rooms
    • Health and Wellness Center
    • Holding Room
    • CBP-Interview Room, CBP Inspections, etc.

Ticketing Hall Level-3 will Include:

  • Concession
  • Mechanical to service roof unit
  • Flex space for future use