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U.S. Army Corp of Engineers:

1. 2009 – Ongoing:
W912HN-07-R-0049: Multidiscipline Indefinite Delivery AE Contracts for Large Projects, primarily for Army Installations.
W912HN-09-R-0028 – AE Services for Large Projects, South Atlantic Division, USACE – Savannah District.
Transient Barracks at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

2. 2008 – Ongoing: Open-ended contract for services for multiple buildings at Fort Bragg, NC. Multiple delivery orders for various services on:
i. Barracks/dormitory buildings M-3233 and D-3238
ii. PX retail space C5934
iii. Warehouses 2-3214, R2763, D-3022, 3-2744
iv. Office/headquarters buildings 1-1620, AT-5728, AT-5730, AT-5428, AT-5430, AT-5628, AT-5630, D-3915, and A-3275
v. Helicopter hangers at Simmons Army Airfield P-2936 and at P-3637
vi. Helicopter Hangers & offices P-3637 (20,796 SF)
vii. Old Stockade Building A-3275 (67,136 SF)
viii. Mini-Mall Heat Plant 4-2472 (1,600 SF)
ix. Chapel and offices D-3733 (8,160 SF)
x. Airborne Corps Old Headquarter structure C-1140 (10,100 SF)
xi. Communication Tower Support building O-9055
xii. Normandy Pool Complex and bath houses 1-5632
xiii. Joint Special Operation Command Storage Facility and Snack Bar facility.
xiv. Old Womack Hospital – Mechanical Plant.

3. 2007 – 2008: Design services for Military Headquarters building for combined FORSCOM/USARC at Fort Bragg Army Base in NC (approx $300 million project). Professional engineering services provided.

4. 2005 – 2006: Marine Ocean Terminal at Sunny point (MOTSU) Lightning protection system engineering services provided.

5. 2001: Repairs of Sinkholes and railroad tracks at Marine Ocean Terminal, Sunny Point for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District.

6. 1998 – 2002: Open-ended IDIQ contract for UST/AST removal and environmental remediation
services for Wilmington Army Corps. The following Delivery Orders were performed:
i. UST closure at Ft. Fisher Air Force Recreational Park, North Carolina
ii. UST closure at WWGP Radio Station in Sanford, North Carolina
iii. UST closure at WBT Radio Station in Charlotte, North Carolina
iv. Biosparging groundwater remediation system, Ft. Fisher, North Carolina
v. Donaldson Air Force Base closure in South Carolina
vi. UST closure at Kerr Lake Reservoir Park, Boydton, Virginia

7. 1997: Adkin Branch Flood Control designs and channel realignment in Kinston, NC for
Wilmington District Corps of Engineers.

8. 1996: UST closure and support services to Earth Tech, Inc. at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

9. 2002 – 20003: Pentagon Renovation Project with DMJM/3DI Program Management Team.

10. 1999 – 2004: Indefinite Delivery Type Multidiscipline HTRW Contract for 3 years for Ft. Myer Military
Community (FMMC) Arlington, Virginia and locations throughout Baltimore District COE.

11. Fort A.P. Hill Bowling Green.

12. 1998: Selected on A-E services for Indefinite Delivery Contracts for Geotechnical Design Services for Projects under the Jurisdiction of Norfolk District, Corps of Engineers (No delivery order issued).

13. Services provided for the old landfill at Fort Lee in Virginia for the Baltimore District Corps of Engineers.

14. 1991: Offshore drilling in Mispillion River, Delaware.

15. 1989: Pinopolist Seismic Mitigation Project in Charleston, South Carolina.

16. 1988: Open-end services in NSA Area Office at Fort Meade, Maryland.

17. 1987: Open-end contract in various Facilities at Aberdeen Proving Grounds Army Facilities including Roadways and buildings at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

18. 1986: US ARC/OMS Facilities, Norristown, Pennsylvania.
USARC Expansion Flair and other facilities at Fort Detrick and Ft. Meade,MD.
Pedricktown North Disposal Area, Salem County, New Jersey.
SAMT Facility, OCE relocation study and various facilities at Fort Belvoir, VA.
Army Reserve Center, New Castle and Meadville, Pennsylvania.
EM Barracks and other facilities, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland.
Eastern Distribution Center, New Cumberland Army Depot, Pennsylvania.
USARC Site location and OMS/AMSA facilities in West Virginia.
Federal Navigation Project, Island Creek and Fishing Creek in Maryland.
Security System and utility lines in Letterkenny Army Depot, Pennsylvania.
New Cumberland, Pennsylvania Taxiway Addition at Dover, Pennsylvania.

19. 1985: Communication facilities and DEZ facility at Fort Meade and Ft. Detrick, MD.
War games laboratory and barracks at APG.
Clinic Addition at Fort McNair, Washington D.C.
Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia.
USACETEC site-I at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.
Special Mission Facility, Tobbyhanna Army Depot, Virginia.
USARC/OMS facility at Ripley and Rainelle, West Virginia.
Eastern Distribution Center, New Cumberland Army Depots, Pennsylvania.
BCE Administrative Facility, at AFB, Dover, Delaware.

20. 1984: USACETEC facility, Vint Hill Farm Station, Warrenton, Pennsylvania.
Hull Creek, North Cumberland, Virginia.
SCIF Administrative Building at Fort Ritchie
Building 135 Addition, Dover AFB, Delaware.
USACETEC Site I, II & III Vint Farm & Fort Belvoir, Virginia.
Plymouth Levee System, Plymouth, Pennsylvania.

21. 1983: Chemical Biological Defense Laboratory Project, APG, Maryland.
EM Barracks Phase – II, APG Maryland.
Terminal equipment building PN 469, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia.
Albert Hall Additions, Army Topographic Station, Washington, D.C.

22. 1982: Special-process lab, Ft. Meade, Maryland Weapar Training Facility, APG.
Fishing Creek Disposal Area, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland.
USARC/OMS expansion, Seaford, Delaware.
USARC expansion, Farrell, Pennsylvania.

23. 1981: CEETA additions, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia.
Heat Recovery Incinerators, Letter Kenny Army Depot, Chambersburg, PA.
XM-I Training Facility, APG, Maryland.
Aerial Port Training Facility, Glenn Martin Airport, Maryland.
USAR Center , Kittanning, Pennsylvania.

24. 1980: Little Wicimico River, Colonial Beach, Virginia.

U.S. Air Force:

1. 2008: Environmental surveys at Pope Air Force base for multiple buildings.

2. 2001 –2004: Environmental services at Corrosion control area of Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina.

3. 1999: Environmental investigations at Fort A.P Hill Bowling Green, Virginia.

4. 1999: Environmental services at Hangar and Dormitory buildings in Pope Air Force Station in North Carolina.

5. 1998: Environmental services at Hangar and Dormitory buildings in Pope Air Force Station in North Carolina.

6. 1993: Environmental services at Myrtle Beach AFB in South Carolina.

7. 1986: BCE Administrative Facility, at AFB, Dover, Delaware.

8. 1985 – 1990: Andrews Air Force Base, Prince George County, Maryland.
Bolling Air Force Base, Washington D.C.
Loring Air Force Base, Main.
Fort Belvoir Air Force Base, Virginia.

9. 1984: Building 135 Additions, Dover AFB, Delaware.

10. 1981: Aerial Port Training Facility, Glenn Martin Airport, Maryland.
USAR Center, Kittanning, Pennsylvania.

National Guard:

North Carolina Statewide open-ended contract with NC National Guard for services at Armories. Task orders were performed under this contract:
i. Armory Depot # OM 53 in Hickory, NC.
ii. Armory Depot # OM 55 in Charlotte, NC.
iii. Armory Depot in Raleigh, NC.
iv. Armory Depot in North Wilkesboro, NC.

U.S. Coastal Guard:

1992 – 1993: Materials testing services for soil samples at Support Center in Elizabeth City, NC: U.S. Coast Guards Facilities, Elizabeth City, NC Division, Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C.
U.S. Navy:

1. 2002: Current Navy Clean III Project at NAVFAC, Norfolk, Virginia

2. 2003 – 2004: Services for Water Treatment Plant at New River, Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, North Carolina.

3. 2002 – 2003: Blanket Purchase order for Professional engineering and Environmental services with Marine Corps Base at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

4. 2001 – 2002: Services at Naval Security Group, Sugargrove, WV for U.S. Navy, LANTDIV, Norfolk.

5. 1999 – 2000: Environmental Investigations for Marine Corps Air Station, New River at Camp Lejeune.

6. 1996 – 1997: Services on various sites at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point, NC for KCI Technologies.
Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune.

7. 1996: Services at the MCAS, Cherry Point, NC for the Branch Exchange Facility.
MCAS, Camp Lejeune, NC Concession Center.

8. 1995 – 1996: Various sites for mock buildings, helicopter pads, control towers, hangars, and maintenance buildings in Greater Sandy Run Area at Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, NC.

9. 1995: Services for the United States Navy Oily Wastewater Treatment Plant on Craney Island, Portsmouth, Virginia.

10. 1994: United States Navy Carderock Division, Annapolis, Maryland. Engineering services for buildings 8 and 121.

11. 1992: Support Center in Elizabeth City: U.S. Coast Guards Facilities, Elizabeth City, NC.

12. 1990: Annapolis Naval Yard, Annapolis, Maryland.

13. 1989: Curtis Bay, Baltimore, Maryland, for US Coast Guard Facilities Management Department, Baltimore, Maryland.

14. 1985: Services on miscellaneous contracts for Naval Facilities in Bethesda, Carderock, and White Oak for Department of Navy, Chesapeake Division, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC.

15. 1984: Services for miscellaneous contracts at Naval Ship Research and Development Center, Annapolis, Maryland for Department of Navy Chesapeake Division, Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C.

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